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We are Experts in Social Video, SEO, and Web Design For Local Business.

Who We are, Our Story and Video SEO Services we offer to make a video for your business.

TakeActionTechnology was founded in 2017.  Today we focus on helping local businesses get found on google and youtube.com by using our Video, Web Design, and Seo strategies.

We can help you rank and get discovered by potential customers.

Our story starts with my parents.  A hard-working immigrant parents that arrive in this country in search of the American Dream. Not having the upper education to fulfill a successful career, both of my parents create their own success by using their skills to try to start a local business.

My dad worked two jobs to save enough money to open up a local welding company and my mom eventually started a small beauty salon.

Thru many years as I was growing up, I’ve witnessed the hurdles and challenges both of my parents went through running their own business. One of the big challenges that prevent them from growing was the lack of exposure and advertisement.

Having seen the success of Local advertisement and Online presence helping my brother’s business, I’ve decided to expand my skills and help other local businesses have the same success.

We are on a Mission to Help you…


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