The EMRA Neighbors Community Website is capturing a lot of attention, because of the ingenious decision to stay away from other big social media platforms and it creating is its own social media network to retain privacy and serve its members better. This year the EMRA Directors and its members decide to put the matter in their own hands and hired takeaction technology designed to enhance their current website and created a true like social network exclusively for its community.

These website enhancements had in focus to be able to connect and find your neighbors in an Advertising-free platform.

We wanted to create a more constructive community where our say and expression was not being used in the interest of other”.

This was one of the concerning reasons why for so long the EMRA Association stayed away from big names social network and like Facebook and  next-door neighborhood website


Building a private social network.

This was the idea behind our new change, to have the feature to integrate a more interactive way for residents to discover various events and services. Our main page is very light and plain, making it fast to load and very appealing to the natural eyes.It has all the normal menus and information is easily findable and we limit the public information to the public.

The neighborhood site has a new menu to our private community where current members will be able to communicate and register via 3 main options. you will have the option to use your current Facebook identity and Google plus signing. Because the majority of users have either one of these two accounts they will easily authenticate and there would be no need to register. Now for those who would like to keep more traditional, we will offer them the opportunity to register via email invitation. this will prevent spamming and unsolicited requests from unknown visitors.

Once logon and registered into the community page this platform will resemble a local social media platform where neighbors will easily find neighbors and will be able to connect just like Facebook and follow each other activities.

The completion of this project advances the EMRA Community’s goal to effectively communicate Township events, services, and attractions on a regular basis with our residents. The neighborhood news will be privately available to its members making it more direct and preventing information from disseminating from social media sharing. The neighborhood blog will also keep information update and keep its members coming back

This is our neighborhood social media with new enhanced features that we never had before, we are very happy and proud our what we achieved and accomplished. This great effort that was put together to have this safe neighborhood app di come with challenges along the way.

The main challenge to bring this online neighborhood community was the expertise of taking action technology to carry on this project.

Basically, we will highlight the challenges and accomplishments and where I think we can be in the next couple of months:


Here were the challenges.

  1. Availability of support from the former web host provider
  2. Three different companies behind web host provider providing the service
  3. Email migration and deadlines
  4. Contract deadline upon us to complete before the site shutdowns.


Here are the accomplishment:

  1. We brought all the services under one roof. (having a web host and email provider) which operates under e-nom which is the domain provider.
  2. We got the submission forms working and we have access to email via phone and on the computer.
  3. The new emra site is a lot  faster and easy to find information ( we still got some features to add)
  4. Full access to the site backend, we are now able to have more control over backups, support, and updates.
  5. we introduced the community board and community calendar.

Unlike other social media platforms. “Our new platform is not overpopulated and is simple to use, just like we wanted”

the most exciting part is that we can educate our community via online social media like youtube or Vimeo videos to have elderly community guidance on how to navigate this site. I think is very important to keep our senior community informed and at the same time give them the opportunity to adapt to technology.

our message board app will help us keep us informed especially throughout the projects during the year. there is a lot of effort to be transparent and show thru the year where we invest our community money. Having our neighbors online and constantly informed will help them appreciate more how we spend and agreed on the community’s financial decisions.

This is the most effective way to have a Facebook neighborhood without actually being on Facebook. We have the opportunity to view, share and contribute to the website content and provide feedback on subjects related to our community. Remember this was not possible a few months ago. We were traditionally sending notes to our P.O Box and the timely response is slow. now with a community in place, we can have not only fast response but also multiple members addressing the questions as they arise. This is one of the most underestimate functions and features available in today social media and because is so common lots of user don’t even notice how important it can be when influencing the decisions of our community.

This neighbor’s free online community is only 78% of its full potential. This neighbors community website it’s a platform that can be scalable in the favor of the community.

There a lot more benefits we can explore in the future:

Some of the are:

  1. We can record meetings and make them available for replay
  2. Using calendar we can publish future meetings and events and record past projects a compliments
  3. We can have a resource page to highlight all the good service providers that service our neighborhood
  4. With a community board, board members can exchange ideas and post comments instead of using the nextdoor app or Facebook ( because we know how social media operates)
  5. The ability to use PayPal to collect membership fees right through the website.


We are very excited to bring these features and a lot more into the future of EMRA local neighborhoods.


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